Updating the wordlist

if you want to add more words edit the file spamwlist
There is a minor bug that keeps the last line from processing so we set them:
#keep this line as the last one

Please do not have any empty lines special chars, or numbers in the file and avoid
spaces, a large part of the filters preformats the message first
we now have added support for complex structures for the wordlist
You can use AND, OR and LEV inside the spamwlist textfile

If you want that it will have to scan for more things before it is spam
example: mortgage AND loan
both terms have to be in the message before it is passed as spam

if you want that if one of the OR terms match it is spam
example: drug1 OR drug2
note: these are soft OR's the hard ones are the enter(new line)
the textfile is much cleaner if you use OR'S

drug1 OR drug2 AND precription
if drug1 or drug 2 is in the message and if there is prescription in it
it works like (drug1 OR drug2) AND perscription (no parens in the textfile)
this won't work: (word1 AND word2) OR word3
then you just have to make the last OR into an HARD OR enter(new line)
word1 AND word2

LEV is the acceptancy level , which wil determine how much AND-terms
are needed to match to accept a rule as spam, instead of requiring all AND-terms
pharmacy OR medic OR drugs AND prescription OR perscription AND qualitymeds LEV 2
two AND terms need to match before this is passed as spam, also if there are OR's
means that one of the OR terms inside a AND term need to match so the AND term matches
Please inform us about any changes you have made to this file