What is SpamFox?

An anti-spam tool programmed in perl Serves as a kind of proxy between your emailclient and the mailserver. Will scan messages for spam and leaves a notice if spam has been found

SpamFox is an anti-spam tool, written in perl and compatible with all platforms and all emailclients. SpamFox serves like a kind of proxy between client and server.
Except that the adress to the mailserver is fixed as argument to start the program/service or as configuration inside the program.

SpamFox will appear as a regular emailserver to the emailclient and as a regular emailclient to the server. It will pass thru any data that passes and will scan the message(after the RETR command(pop3) is provoced until the 'dot on a line') for spam.
If spam is detected an notice will be appended to the end of the message, if it is a MIME-multipart message the message will only be appended to the text/plain and text/html part to preserve attachments. Notices contain a code where e.g. Message Rules can be applied to filter them out.

Now version 0.20 is available!


Instalation instructions